Talking Tree. Talking Tree. Family Constellations and other types of Systemic Constellations are a way of understanding human beings from an existential perspective
We are like trees. The trunk represents our individual lives. The crown stands for our innumerable relationships. The roots are our ancestors, who have walked the world since the beginning of Life, passing on to us our very existence.

Family Constellations and other types of Systemic Constellations are a way of understanding human beings from an existential perspective. This method can shed new light on complicated relationships whether they are connected to family or partners, the workplace or to other systems.


Family Constellations expose hidden dynamics at play.
The method reveals underlying structures governing our external relationships but can even reveal the source of some of our physical symptoms, or how aspects of our own selves are in conflict.

Whoever we are and whatever life's circumstances, past or present, we have an opportunity to work with our relationships with others and to ourselves, taking clear steps toward reconciliation.

Warmly welcome,

Caroline Wingolf
Family Constellations facilitator
Current Activities
The Wheel of Life One day workshops
Systemic Constellation Rituals

29 September, 20 October & 24 November kl. 10-14
Where: Centrally located in Gothenburg
Cost*: 350 Kr. per workshop or 850 Kr. for the series.

These in-person workshops are open to both Swedish and English speakers. The venue is centrally located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In Systemic Constellation Rituals, we create conditions which enable us to receive resources, power and support from our ancestors and other aspects of Life. We set up the constellations in a ceremonial way, with a broader, more expansive focus than family constellations (which usually pertain to our immediate family of origin).

Systemic Constellation Rituals are simple, presence-filled acts, carried out with a fixed form and intention for each constellation. The rituals are based on specific ground plans, which act as containers for the teachings and power of the constellations. This method was developed by Daan van Kampenhout and is a combination of family constellations and elements of shamanism.
  • 29 September
    Theme: Ancestral Archetypes
  • 20 October
    Theme: Ancestral Gifts
  • 24 November
    Theme: Perspectives, Transformation & Power
One day workshop in English (with support in Swedish)
Sunday 22 October 10 AM - 4 PM

This Family Constellation workshop will be held in English but is open to English and Swedish speakers alike.
Cost*: Client 1250 kr. Representative 350 kr.
Where: Centrally located in Gothenburg

Three to four clients will have the opportunity to set up their personal constellations with the help of representatives. In an often emotionally touching process, participants become aware of how similar we humans are from an existential perspective.

One-to-one or group Constellations via Zoom
Creativity during the pandemic has given rise to simple but effective alternatives to physical meetings. Zoom constellations can be held very successfully either on a one-to-one basis or in a group. For more information, please contact

Nature Constellations - Online Courses
(Dates be announced)
We will explore Nature Constellations from an animistic and ceremonial perspective. The spiritual roots of constellation work are deeply connected to indigenous ceremony and there is much to learn when we approach constellation work in this sacred manner.

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For registration or further information, please contact

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